Every Door Direct Mail

It's Called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail and it's a new way to think about marketing your product, service, or idea.

Instead of mailing to specific names and addresses, the United States Postal Service's EDDM program allows you to have your mail pieces delivered to individual neighborhoods (by carrier routes).

You pinpoint your audience and the USPS delivers directly to every mailbox on the route. You control when it mails, by when you drop it off at the designated post office.

EDDM Pro makes it even better! We do all the foot work for you, from design to mailing.

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    Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail

    Everyone benefits from using EDDM. Here are some of the main reasons people like you are starting to mail with EDDM.

    No Mailing List Required

    Rather than spending on mailing lists to targeted demographics; target your neighbors. EDDM uses a carrier route system to mail to all the houses on a postal route, getting your message to the surrounding area.

    No Postage Permit Required

    EDDM omits the need to buy an expensive postage permit for bulk mailings, giving you the freedom to mail as you need and not spend precious marketing funds on application fees and postage permits.

    Mail Made Easy

    Designing, Printing, Preparing and Mailing - we have you covered. No matter how involved you want to be in the process, we can help you or do it all for you.

    Increased Response Rate

    EDDM mailers are oversized postcards and are made to get noticed, making it harder to get lost in an envelope of coupons. Print marketing is also more likely to be seen, making it a better solution than email marketing.

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    Past Successes

    Work with us for successful campaigns and great stories.
    Mailer after mailer.

    Dollar Planet

    Dollar Planet & Up likes giving their neighbors incentives to stop in for deals.

    Sarmiento Landscaping

    Landscapers and Home Improvement alike enjoy the simplicity of starting their season getting clients in the target area they want to work in.

    Drew Patrick

    Drew Patrick likes that we'll get their design printed and prepared for the post office so all they have to do is bring it to the Post Office when they want everything to mail out.

    Cafe Vaaza

    Cafe Vaaza uses our services to showcase their menu and get new business into their doors.

    John's Windows

    When you're in home improvement, the best place for your ad to be is in the home. John's Windows uses our service to get their ads where they're needed.

    Sansone Brother's Pizzeria

    The Sansone Brother's ask us to design their ads with tantalizing images to get people out of their home and into theirs, with delicious deals just as good as their pizza.

    Design With Us

    We partnered with MGems Graphics and Printing for their design experts to bring every image a client has to life.

    View Their Work